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Underwater Portrait – Photography – Photographer

Underwater Portrait – Photography – Photographer

underwater photography

This week I had a really fun time doing a photo shoot with two sisters at their house.

First, we started with few safe portrait shots, and after a while we started our underwater session.

I want to start this post explaining that underwater portrait is not a easy thing to do. At first, I thought that I just need a underwater camera or a housing for my DSLR camera, and I would be ready to shoot.

“Not even close!”

First I started doing some research about gear options, shooting techniques and also about post processing & editing.

The techniques and settings to shooting underwater might not be the same as you would shoot a regular portrait.

It’s really hard to check and change the camera settings while your camera is inside a housing (specially the less expensive ones).

I also didn’t want my images looking just a regular picture you can take underwater while you’re in your beach vacation.

After a log research, plus few new gear and props I had to invest, I was ready to give a try to this underwater portrait session…

I know I didn’t mention any small details about gear or brand I used for this session (it would make this post to long), but if you have any specific question about extra gear or camera settings, I will be more than happy answering them for you.

underwater photography

underwater photography