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Underwater Fashion Photo Shoot – Underwater Photography

Underwater Photo Shoot – Underwater Photography

I’ve been researching hours and hours about underwater photography, so I can photograph a underwater fashion photo shoot.

I’ve checked what gear to get, techniques, accessories, etc…

Once I had everything organized, I decided to do a testing photo shoot with one of my son’s friend. She had to use a mask because of the strong chlorine  in the water.

That was not a deal breaker for me, since it was just a test to be sure that my gear was ready for the real photo shoot.

To say the truth, the session was a lot harder than I imagined;

– I was wearing a body suit with a 10 lb  weight belt and it felt that was not enough to keep me effortless on the bottom of the pool.

– The pool looked clean at first, but while I was preparing my gear, my son and his friend were playing in the pool. When I was ready to start shooting, I noticed that all that commotion of the kids playing, brought up all the dirt from the bottom of the pool.

– I’ve never used my camera in “Live View” and it was really hard to focus in that foggy water specially if you need reading glasses.


These were just few of the obstacles I’ve encountered for this session.

In couple weeks I will be doing a full Fashion Photo Shoot, but I will be using another pool (salt water).

Here is one the images from my test session…

under water photo shoot

underwater photo shoot