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Portrait Photographer – Project Mom and Son

Portrait Photographer – Project Mom and Son

My friend always complains that her 2 boys look just like their father, and nothing like her.

Couple months ago, her husband commissioned me to design a Portrait Session showing how much their young son looks just like the mother when she was 9 years old.

We came with the idea of using an old photograph of her that she took at her “school picture day” in 1990. I would reproduce the scene the best as I could to almost look alike they pictures were taken at the same day.

Remember… These pictures were taken 24 years apart from each other, and I didn’t have the negative of the original picture of the mom (only an old picture from a old frame).

portrait mom 1990

portrait mom

portrait son

The image that I’m posting here is just an easy illustration of the project. The real final product he used to surprise her on her Birthday was a nice 10” x 20” wooden frame with double mat with 2 opens for two horizontal 5” x 7” pictures (her image on the left and the son’s picture on the right).

I was not there, when he gave the presents to her, but she called me latter to thank me for all the effort and dedication. She said that first she got a nice $$$ gift card from a local store, but then, when she opened the present with the pictures, she couldn’t contain the tears of joy.

I’m used of doing Hi-end Photography Work and I know my clients appreciate how much effort I put in each project, but for me… nothing compares with the feeling I feel when a client contact me back letting me know how much they loved my work.

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