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Photography Class – DSLR – Manual Setting

Photography Class – DSLR – Manual Setting

DSLR Camera Settings

How cool is to have a digital camera and take some awesome pictures of your kids, their birthdays and games, family vacations, small parties and etc?

Unfortunately, most of people only know how to use their digital cameras with the original settings the camera came from the store (automatic).

photography class

This is a 3 hours indoor instructional/hands-on class created to help amateurs, enthusiasts and semi-professionals understanding better their DSLR camera settings and how to work with manual setting instead of automatic setting.


In a fun and easy style, Paulo Jordao will cover how to use your camera effectively, and give great tips on photographing children (portrait and sports), pets and small parties.

The price of this class is $145, but you can find it in one of my Meetup Groups for only $35Meet-2-Shoot