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Belly Casting – Pregnancy Photography

Belly Casting – Pregnancy Photography

Two weeks ago I had a client coming over to do a Belly Casting Session.

I generally don’t have the need to photograph these sessions.

On the other hand, I love to create a short video of the whole experience and ad some voice-over of mom or dad expressing their feelings.

At first, most of my clients don’t care much about doing a Belly Casting Session, but 90% of them change their mind after they see some samples of what I’m proposing.

I shot these images with my cell (just so I could upload them fast to Instagram and Facebook).

Belly Casting Session

Belly Casting Session

belly casting raw vs ready

belly casting raw vs ready

This week my client is bringing her newborn daughter (10 days old) for her newborn portrait session.

We’re doing a regular newborn session, but we’re doing one of the shots, using the belly cast as a basket with the baby inside and also, at the end of the session, we’re recording the last part for the video.

This last part of the video is writing the name, date and imprinting the baby’s footprints on the cast.

I’ll post the short video here as soon as I finish editing it.

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