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  • I am Paulo Jordao - Portrait and Event Photographer

    I’m married to a gorgeous, talented and supportive Designer/ Photo Stylist (catalogs, products, hotels, etc), and together we have a beautiful 10 years old boy. We also have the cutest and sweetest Jack Russell Terrier mix ever, that we've adopted from Humane Society.

    I’m an International Award-Winning Photographer and I specialize in Contemporary Portraiture for Home Décor (Family and Kids), but I also get commissioned to photograph High School Seniors, Glamour, Headshots and Events.

    Would you like to have beautiful photographs of yourself and your family, to share with people who love you?

    More than quality, I want you to have a unique and awesome photography experience.

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Underwater Portrait – Photography – Photographer

underwater photography

This week I had a really fun time doing a photo shoot with two sisters at their house.

First, we started with few safe portrait shots, and after a while we started our underwater session.

I want to start this post explaining that underwater portrait is not a easy thing to do. At first, I thought that I just need a underwater camera or a housing for my DSLR camera, and I would be ready to shoot.

“Not even close!”

First I started doing some research about gear options, shooting techniques and also about post processing & editing.

The techniques and settings to shooting underwater might not be the same as you would shoot a regular portrait.

It’s really hard to check and change the camera settings while your camera is inside a housing (specially the less expensive ones).

I also didn’t want my images looking just a regular picture you can take underwater while you’re in your beach vacation.

After a log research, plus few new gear and props I had to invest, I was ready to give a try to this underwater portrait session…

I know I didn’t mention any small details about gear or brand I used for this session (it would make this post to long), but if you have any specific question about extra gear or camera settings, I will be more than happy answering them for you.

underwater photography

underwater photography



Portrait Photographer – Project Mom and Son

My friend always complains that her 2 boys look just like their father, and nothing like her.

Couple months ago, her husband commissioned me to design a Portrait Session showing how much their young son looks just like the mother when she was 9 years old.

We came with the idea of using an old photograph of her that she took at her “school picture day” in 1990. I would reproduce the scene the best as I could to almost look alike they pictures were taken at the same day.

Remember… These pictures were taken 24 years apart from each other, and I didn’t have the negative of the original picture of the mom (only an old picture from a old frame).

portrait mom 1990

portrait mom

portrait son

The image that I’m posting here is just an easy illustration of the project. The real final product he used to surprise her on her Birthday was a nice 10” x 20” wooden frame with double mat with 2 opens for two horizontal 5” x 7” pictures (her image on the left and the son’s picture on the right).

I was not there, when he gave the presents to her, but she called me latter to thank me for all the effort and dedication. She said that first she got a nice $$$ gift card from a local store, but then, when she opened the present with the pictures, she couldn’t contain the tears of joy.

I’m used of doing Hi-end Photography Work and I know my clients appreciate how much effort I put in each project, but for me… nothing compares with the feeling I feel when a client contact me back letting me know how much they loved my work.

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Mini Portrait Session – Labor Day Weekend

I know that this a last minute thing, but I wanted to create a special promotion to thanks all my Friends and Family for all the support and encouragement.

So… for the 2014 Labor Day Weekend, I’ve created only few Limited Edition Sessions (Kids and Pets). First-Come, First-Served!!!

There are only 2 or 3 Limited Edition Sessions each day with an insane low price.

I hope I can see you here… Thanks!

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Kids Labor Day Special

pet labor day special

Here is the Schedule Available:

Limited Editions Sessions


Photography Class – Show What You Know

Last Sunday we had a great group of students.

The classes are on Sundays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, but most of the days we extend a little longer so we have the chance of going outside and shooting for a while so the students can show what they’ve learned.

We start with the basics and make sure that everyone is following the program. This is not an easy task, since their level of knowledge in photography vary from point and shoot experience to people who wants to start shooting at parties or their kids playing sports.


At the end, we stepped outside for a demonstration of shooting with natural light.

If you live in South Florida and would like to come to one of my classes, I have a supper promotion running on my Meetup Group.

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Here are two images I shot while explaining the camera settings to the students…



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Paulo Jordao



Photography Class – DSLR – Manual Setting

DSLR Camera Settings

How cool is to have a digital camera and take some awesome pictures of your kids, their birthdays and games, family vacations, small parties and etc?

Unfortunately, most of people only know how to use their digital cameras with the original settings the camera came from the store (automatic).

photography class

This is a 3 hours indoor instructional/hands-on class created to help amateurs, enthusiasts and semi-professionals understanding better their DSLR camera settings and how to work with manual setting instead of automatic setting.


In a fun and easy style, Paulo Jordao will cover how to use your camera effectively, and give great tips on photographing children (portrait and sports), pets and small parties.

The price of this class is $145, but you can find it in one of my Meetup Groups for only $35Meet-2-Shoot